During this bootcamp, learning is important, but something just as important as learning is putting things into practice.

Within the field of software development deliverable is a 'good or service produced as a result of a project that is intended to be delivered to a customer'.

Think of us, the organizers, as your customer; what you do during this event can be considered your deliverables for us!

Broken down into sections, the deliverables are as follows:

1. Hello World Flask Application, with a twist

  • Develop a Flask application, potentially using one of the examples provided in the Flask section of these docs as a base.
  • But, put your own twist on it, such as maybe making it 'return a random fruit name in comic sans', or a 'rainbow that changes over time'.
  • Try not to go overboard since this is not the main deliverable, but still try to have some fun with it!
work in progress, more deliverables to come

Extra Credits

These are things that are more nice to haves rather than requirements, which are obviously separate to the above tasks, but are listed her more for fun and exploration than anything else.

Extra 1. Show us your rice

The first moments of this bootcamp mention the terminal and editors, so why not take the best screenshot of your setup you can take?

Ricing in this context, is likely best understood by visiting this subreddit and consuming a few of the top posts; these are riced out setups.

If it's just a terminal theme, a VS Code theme, a cool font with ligatures, or a vanilla editor against your wall paper, we want to see it!

Extra 2. Use GitHub Issues

Once you put your code up on GitHub, which you should be doing all the time even from the start, spend some time getting to know GitHub issues, and maybe even use them to keep track of the deliverables!