Format Overview

This bootcamp is organized into a few different things:

  • This site you are currently on, which contains information about the event itself, and each of the different sections.
  • Each of the 90 minute Zoom sessions, which will be covering the different sections within this document, that are not required to be attended, since they will be recorded.
  • The bootcamp-* channels over in the Hack Frost NL Discord server, for any issues you run into, or clarifications about the content found in the docs, the sessions, and even the internet in general.

Also, some notes:

  • In places in which we can refer to external sources instead of writing it all ourselves within this documentation, we will; there are better descriptions of things such as Flask and HTTP than what we can provide, so we'll do our best to link to the best sources on these topics.
  • We're not perfect; if you have any recommendations or critiques regarding the event, feel free to let any of the organizers know!