Initial Setup

Install Python

Ensure you are using the latest version of Python! At the time of this bootcamp, it is at 3.9.6!

Older versions may be fine; Python 2 most definitely will however not be.

Installing Python is platform specific, you can follow instructions for installing on either Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Create a GitHub account

Learning how to use GitHub is a great asset for any sort of developer, so we're going to be encouraging all work you do to be done inside a repository on GitHub, both for help with issues, and showing off your work, join here.

Create a Python Anywhere account

Python Anywhere is our hosting platform of choice, if you feel comfortable using something else feel free, but we picked it because:

  • It has relatively friendly UI
  • Its file system doesn't get wiped on an interval, and since we are using SQLite which saves its database to a file, we need this property
  • It's free! the free tier is as expected limited, but there is no upfront cost to using the site

This step is only really required once you have code you are ready to deploy, but even while you are running hello world programs, testing them out on a real server anyone on the internet can access is good practice.