Steps here are specific to Windows, don't forget to check the general initial setup as well!


To make the most out of the sessions, we're kindly asking all Windows users to download Windows Subsystem for Linux.

This will give you a Linux environment within Windows, such that everyone taking this bootcamp will have a similar setup.

Learn more here on Microsoft's own documentation.

Once you are done installing WSL, you can follow most of the instructions over in the Linux section.

However, if for some reason you are not able to install WSL (or don't want to), you may still complete the bootcamp using just Windows, but you will need to figure out the Windows alternatives to commands we will be running, and software we will be installing.

VS Code

Visual Studio Code + WSL = <3

Thankfully, you can install VS Code on your host machine, and use it to remotely develop within WSL.

More on that here.


If you follow the above steps to hook up VS Code, it might be useful to just use the terminal within VS Code to access your projects. Using the provided terminal is of course valid.