Introduction to the dev. bootcamp

Hey There :)|

Welcome to the first Hack frost developer toolkit bootcamp! Our mission at Hack Frost is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. As students ourselves, we noticed that there is a gap between the content taught in the classroom and the tools and skills applied in the workforce; we are determined to help students around the world learn the newest industry standard tools, skills, and technologies to ease their entry to the workforce. Help us build this bridge by spreading the word about our events!

This bootcamp is one of our first building blocks for our mission. In this bootcamp we will together use industry standard technologies in conjunction to fully build and deploy a customizable portfolio and blogging application. We will start at the very basics and go through theory, design, development and deployment. We hope you enjoy the sessions and please feel free to shoot us a message on discord if you have any questions, concerns or recommendations 😊 see you all soon!

this site is still an active work in progress, be warned!